Executive Order No. 15-2018 Requiring Disclosure of Dark Money Spending for Entities Doing Business with the State

It is the policy of the executive branch that entities seeking to do business with the State of Montana must disclose contributions or expenditures they have made in elections, as detailed in Executive Order No. 15-2018 below. The following links provide information on the Executive Order and its requirements.

Posted: 09/13/2018

Beware of Fraudulent Activity!

The State Procurement Bureau has recently been made aware of fraudulent Purchase Orders and spoof emails issued to the vendor community. Always confirm the validity of any Purchase Order by contacting the agency making the request. Do not process any order that appears suspicious. Do not click on any hyperlinks from a suspicious email.

A list of State agency contact information is provided on the State of Montana website located at Be vigilant by confirming valid State of Montana emails and phone numbers.


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